Corporate security is a catchall term for safeguarding against anything that tries to impede a corporation’s productivity. Dangers might be physical harm to employees themselves or cyberattacks on corporate hardware or software systems.

The threats to personnel safety have increased since the pandemic began. There are several reasons for this…

When talking about crime, the government bases different types on the laws they defy. Nonviolent crimes include theft, larceny, embezzlement, gambling, bribery, speeding, and fraud, among others. Violent crimes include murder, aggravated assault, rape, and robbery. Many factors contributed to the rise in crime rates, both non-violent and violent, throughout…

The statistics on violent crime for 2020 proved what many people suspected. The combination of a fast-spreading global pandemic, a 10-month quarantine, social unrest, and unprecedented unemployment contributed to an increase in violent crimes across America, with urban areas being affected the hardest. …

In addition to the socioeconomic and healthcare effects of COVID, the pandemic’s urgency and speed also caused the acceleration of many disruptions in technology. Even though life appears to be returning to normal, one of the biggest challenges in 2021 and beyond will be protecting data and corporate networks’ integrity.

Ron Navarreta

With 30+ years of experience, Ron Navarreta is a security and crime expert based in Anaheim, CA. Learn more @

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