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Ron Navarreta
2 min readFeb 23, 2023

After successfully scoring an interview for a job as a security guard with a leading company, you’re probably feeling a bit nervous about the next step. Even though you have the necessary skills and experience to succeed in the position, many people feel uneasy talking about their unique talents and experiences in front of potential employers.

If you’re new to the security industry or are already an experienced professional, these tips will help you prepare for your upcoming security interview .

Step One: Research

Employers appreciate candidates who show they’re serious about the position. One way to demonstrate their seriousness is by studying the company you’re interviewing with. Your ability to talk about the organization’s details will show that you are dedicated to the job and care about their performance.

Although it’s not necessary to thoroughly study the company, you should still gain an informed understanding of their operations.

Step Two: Resume

Your resume will likely get you in the door. However, your ability to explain how your education and experience are relevant to the position will prove very important. You should seamlessly explain your responsibilities and achievements while discussing your previous work. You can highlight your awards by using numbers or anecdotes.

Step Three: Prepare Answers

You can improve your interview skills by practicing answering security questions. Ask a close friend or relative to join you and provide honest feedback so that you can be more confident and concise in your responses. Answering questions correctly will show that you can handle them and avoid miscommunication. Your interviewer will be able to see more clearly what you’re capable of as an employee if you provide them with supporting details.

Step Four: Prepare Questions

You and the company will both be interviewing to find out if you are the best fit for the job. The security firm will ask you if you have the personality and skills to perform the job and if you are a good fit for their culture. You will also be trying to find out if the company can allow you to grow and develop.

Besides being able to demonstrate your interest in the job, planning ahead will also allow you to prepare questions that will be interesting and thorough.

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Ron Navarreta

Ron Navarreta is an accomplished security operations specialist with over 25 years of combined law enforcement and security experience.